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250 Square Yards House for sale in Clifton Block 4


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If you are on the lookout for an attractive property that stimulates both a homely and businesslike ambiance, then this 250 Sqyd commercial/residential use house for sale in Clifton Block 4 might just be for you. Nestled in the heart of the cosmopolitan suburb of Clifton, this house was designed with the modern urban dweller in mind, who seeks class and convenience in a serene environment. Its versatility is perfect for those looking to run their businesses from home or rent out as office space.

Key Features of a 250 Sqyd House for Sale in Clifton Block 4

This stunning house is crammed with eye-catching features that make it stand out among its contemporaries. The meticulously planned layout provides a pretty spacious lounge, comfortable bedrooms with sleek bath attachments, and sizeable kitchen equipped with high-quality appliances. It also includes office rooms that have been laid out to enhance productivity and an ample parking space. Additional features include 24-hour security surveillance and power backup systems.

The Strategic Location – Benefits of Choosing Clifton Block 4 for Your Business

The benefits of choosing Clifton Block 4 as the location for your business are multifold. Being one of the most posh areas of the city, it draws a lot of footfall, which could be beneficial for your business. Aside from being a neighborhood bustling with activity, Clifton Block 4 is strategically located near essential amenities such as banks, markets, and eateries. Moreover, it enjoys great road connectivity making commute hassle-free for employees and visitors alike.

Why Invest in a Commercial Use House in Clifton Block 4?

Investing in a commercial use house in Clifton Block 4 is a smart move due to numerous reasons. The most prominent being its prime location and burgeoning real estate value which guarantees substantial returns on investment. Secondly, the well-developed infrastructure supports a conducive business environment. Lastly, the house can also be used for residential purposes, providing an added advantage.

250 Sqyd house for sale in Clifton Block 4 for Residential Purpose

As a living space too, the house checks all the boxes for comfortable living. The peaceful environs of Clifton Block 4 serve as an ideal setting for a residential area and the house comes with modern facilities needed for a comfortable lifestyle, making it a perfect home that meets all your needs.

Transforming Your Business with a 250 Sqyd House in Clifton Block 4

This commercial/residential use house will prove to be beneficial in your business growth. To start with, the ample space available provides flexibility in deciding the business layout. Also, running your business from a residential area provides a relaxed environment, enhancing productivity. Additionally, owning your own space eliminates the need for a monthly rental.

Real-life Examples – Successful Businesses Operating in Clifton Block 4 Houses

There are numerous successful businesses operating in Clifton Block 4 houses which speaks for its strategic advantage. From fashion boutiques, architectural firms, tech-startups, to professional consultation agencies, there are a variety of businesses thriving in this area, presenting a testament to the benefits of this location.

Looking ahead – Future Proof Your Business with a Commercial Use house for sale in Clifton Block 4

In conclusion, this 250 Sqyd house offers the unique opportunity of combining a comfortable living space with a flourishing workspace. Clifton Block 4, with its growing popularity and strategic location, promises a positive future for both residential and commercial purposes. This house serves as a lucrative investment that caters to the needs of today and is indeed prepared to meet the demands of the future

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